GOP vs. Democratic Primary: Texas’s GOP vs. Democratic Primary

Ken Paxton Is Re-elected Texas Attorney General

AUSTIN, TX — U.S. Sen. John Cornyn defeated former Attorney General Ken Paxton in a Republican primary runoff election Tuesday to lead the state’s top law enforcement agency.

The runoff election, which pitted the Republican lawyer and former assistant Texas Railroad Commissioner against the Democrat, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas and 2018 candidate for governor, was seen as a tight race in which Ken Paxton was considered to have pulled ahead of a late-decision Republican incumbent in a state that is considered highly competitive.

In an Associated Press-NORC poll conducted this month, Paxton received 49 percent of the vote versus 47 percent for President Donald Trump and former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Scott Bachus, who was named as the state’s attorney general in 2017.

But as the June 7 primary approached, Cornyn held a double-digit lead since October when he narrowly defeated Democrat Pete Flores to make his third four-year term.

That lead was solidified after voters opted to fill a runoff slot rather than to choose from a series of candidates who ran unopposed in their parties’ primary elections, something that is rare in Texas. Polling in the state’s statewide races often shows unopposed candidates and then a late-decision party’s incumbent, and this year was no exception.

Although Polling site RCP Average shows Polling averages for the GOP Primary with Trump at 46% and the Democratic primary with Paxton at 46% and Cornyn at 50%, with the Republican Primary with Trump as the overall RCP Poll Average of 49.2% and the Overall RCP Poll Average of 48.1%. The party split for the Libertarian Nomination is 50% with Trump at 46% with Paxton at 46% and Cornyn at 50% who is running as a 5th District Dem. Polling shows the Democrat winning Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson as the overall RCP Poll Average at 23% of

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