The developer of the $1.6-billion Angel’s Landing project is asking for an extension until next year

Black developers refuse to work with De León on $1.6-billion Angels Landing project

For some months now, the developer of the $1.6-billion Angel’s Landing project west of San Antonio has been pushing to finalize the deal and then start the process of obtaining a public bank loan.

The city plans to sell the land to developers in the next year or so.

But to date, only developers building hotels have been allowed to move forward. Developers with plans for new housing and commercial projects have been forced to go back to the drawing board because their projects were rejected.

In an attempt to speed up the process, Mayor Ivy Taylor’s administration has had two meetings with De León, but it hasn’t been able to get agreement from the developer to move forward with the project.

With the city planning to sell the property, De León is asking for an extension until next year and is asking for the right to take control of the property directly from the city.

The development, which developers hope to build as soon as next year, has been widely held up as a project that could attract a lot of development, much like the much-maligned Westborough Town Center project.

But for now, De León’s proposal has met with stiff resistance from some of the local developers and members of the community.

The developer has hired lobbyists in a number of cities and towns in the area and has been in contact with key community members who have urged the city to work with De León.

But De León and the city have been unable to reach an agreement.

In the past, De León has worked with some other developers who were also unable to finalize deals with the city. In September, the developer was unable to get a public bank loan from a Houston bank, and the Westland mayor had to get another public bank loan.

The Westland City Council, which is scheduled to meet in the coming days, will take final action on the agreement with De León, which the developer says would allow him to build the project as soon as next year, and would allow him to have full control of the property.

But other developers have said that the project

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